We operate in an extremely fast paced environment with a high level of intensity.  


We look to apply our insights from project finance across a wide array of industries and complex situations. At Agentis you will be challenged daily. The team will invest heavily in your growth, the development of your skills, and will work to help you to achieve your full potential. We work hard as a team, succeed as a team and are rewarded as a team.

Agentis is always seeking exceptional individuals to join our team. We are strongly committed to finding the right fit for talented team members within our organization.


These opportunities exist both in our core advisory and investing work. We take into consideration the skills, experience and potential of an individual and create opportunities for them to grow by push them to build on their existing capabilities. Individuals employed in Agentis' advisory business will also work on principal transactions. As a result of the breadth of our advisory roles, individuals will gain diverse experience across a wide spectrum of industries. 


We look for individuals who possess the following attributes:


A proven intellect with an ability to integrate new knowledge quickly.

An innate desire to know “why” and to fully master concepts.

A passion for finance and business.

Guided by strong ethics.

   Exceptional drive.

Our business is growing rapidly and we are expanding our team. We are looking for exceptional individuals who are compelled by the opportunities described below, and have the drive and dedication to capitalize on them.  


Business Analyst 

You will be a critical part of the due diligence team and management efforts. Your focus will be key business concepts and issues, rather than financial analysis. Your work will cover a wide range of businesses across Agentis' advisory clients and principal investments. You will be challenged to accept increasing levels of responsibility as you develop your skills and capabilities. You will work closely with partners and directly with our clients. Over time you will have the opportunity to transition to one of Agentis’ portfolio companies in an operating or management role. Your work will directly impact our clients, our portfolio companies, and the firm.


You will be a critical member of the advisory team focused on financial analysis. In this role you will develop exceptional financial modelling and analysis skills and capabilities. You will work closely with partners and directly with our clients. You will have exposure to a wide variety of transactions within a performance-based culture which provides the ability to influence your compensation through your own performance. Your work will directly impact our clients and the firm.

Manager - Asset Management Services

You will be involved in a variety of activities across all the components of the organization, including Agentis' principal investments as well as client asset management support. Your work will directly influence the decisions made by our clients, portfolio companies and Agentis. You will work closely with the partners on all key internal and external accounting activites. 

As a fall co-op analyst joining our dynamic firm, you can expect to be challenged from day one by complex, high-pressure assignments that will directly impact our clients and the firm. As a member of our advisory team, you will work closely in groups led by senior partners and will have exposure to a wide variety of transactions within a performance-based culture.

Fall Co-op Analyst




Interview Process 

A member of the team will reach out to you for an introductory conversation if you are selected for an interview. These calls typically last 30 minutes and will focus on your interest in the finance industry, past experience, and why Agentis. We also leave time for you to ask us questions.     

Get to know the team

You will interview with all the team members you will be working with through  a series of phone and/or in person discussions.

raw skills assessment

Next, you’ll be asked to complete a proprietary multi-part test to assess your raw skills focusing on logic, comprehension, and communication. This may be completed in person or remotely.

fit with the team

Lastly, you will take a personality assessment. Fit within the team is extremely important to us as we work very closely together.